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Timmy Hooper comes from a sawmill and logging family that has been in the timber industry for over 100 years. He is a master logger registered in Tennesee and Kentucky. Timmy is not just a logger,  he can take the timber from your land to the finished product. 

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Hooper Tumber will come to your land and give you a free evaluation of your timber. Timmy is an avid hunter, fishermen, and outdoorsmen. So while harvesting the timber, he puts a great amount of time and effort into leaving the land as a substainable forest. He will build food plots and create trails for recreational use while the harvest is being done. At Hooper Timber, our goal is to build a healthy, substainable forest for the next generation while getting  the most valuable harvest for the land owner. Hooper Timber sells directly to furniture companies, flooring companies, and railroad companies. Hooper Timber will take the high grade logs like Veneer, White Oak and Stave Logs to the highest paying company, generateing the highest profit for the landowner and Hooper Timber. 

Give us a chance to find the money on your trees. 


Timmy Hooper graduated from the National Hardwood Lumber Assiciation in 1983 and has been buying and selling lumber and timber since then. Let Hooper Timber take the trees from your land to the finished product. Timber management is more than just a harvest it's our way of life at Hooper Timber. 


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